It’s Simple. We make it easy to grow wealth through Adelaide Property Investment.

Whether you want to build a profitable property portfolio or create wealth in preparation for your retirement through your Self Managed Super Fund, (SMSF) we nurture our clients through each step of our property investment process.

Adelaide Property Investment all under one Roof.

Welcome to an Adelaide investment property specialist that facilitates every aspect of the property investment & Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) process for you.


We are Adelaide owned and based. Since 2000, we’ve helped thousands of Australians create property investment portfolios.


We make it simple so you can grow your wealth too.


From our first phone call, to the construction of your Adelaide investment property, to finding & managing tenants, we make it simple and easy so you can sit back and relax. Let us do the work so you can enjoy your wealth.

Property investing in Adelaide is easy when you engage Property Asset Planning.

Step 1: Meet, Investigate & Plan

Meet, Investigate & Plan

In this stage, we take the time to get to know you, and you get to learn about us. We do this so we fully understand what your current financial capabilities and personal financial goals are.


We then go through a purchasing example on paper that is tailored to your financial situation on how purchasing an investment property could work for you.

Finally, we take the time to take you on a tour to our selection of property developments sites. This gives you a taste of what you could own in the coming months.

Step 2: Finance


We work closely with a specialist independent financier who has his own credit license and knows the specific intricacies of investor finance and works diligently to ensure all our clients have their finances structured correctly.

Learn how to borrow 100%+ costs the most tax effective way without paying lenders mortgage insurance (LMI).
Have your investment loan structured correctly, so you’re not cross collateralized & learn how to pay  your current home loans down faster.

Step 3: Property Purchased

Property Purchased

Through one of our handpicked property developments, and with our guidance, you purchase land and a full turn-key investment property.


This property is tailored to give you the greatest return yield based on your current financial capabilities & goals.

Step 4: Construction


The six-stage property construction process with checkpoints that help everyone keep track of progress.


The six stages include slab pour, framework, external walls, roofing & internal linings, internal carpentry, and completion.

We are also very proactive in keeping our clients in the loop for the progress of their investment property through email updates, photographs, and phone calls discussing the project.

Step 5: Handover


The full investment and property management team will meet you onsite. To conduct an extensive walk-through of the entire property, to ensure you are 100% happy with your completed investment.


We then order your Depreciation Schedule. The Depreciation Schedule is an ATO-approved tool that makes it easy for your accountant to maximise your income tax benefits for up to the next 40 years.

Finally, we then give to you an Accountant Information Checklist and work with the property manager to make sure all of the property’s utilities are established and working.

Step 6: Property Management

Property Management

Our Adelaide property management team is fully licenced and in house.

Before the property is completed we will begin the search to find prospective tenants to move into your brand new Adelaide investment property.

Step 7: Finance and Accounting Review

Finance and Accounting Review

After handover and when your tenant has settled into your new investment property, now is the time to arrange your finance review and your accounting process.

It is recommended that you have a finance and an accounting review on a regular basis.

The Property Asset Planning Process

We Can Help You Achieve Your Adelaide Property Investment Goals


For over 20 years, Property Asset Planning has helped hard-working South Australians realise their Adelaide property investing goals. We can help increase your wealth by providing you with the tools to retire financially independent through our Adelaide property investment company.

We nurture our clients through each step of your Adelaide property investment experience, from your first Adelaide investment property to building a profitable Adelaide property portfolio.

Building Wealth

We source properties in locations with high-growth potential and tenant demand.

Reducing Tax

With our investment property strategies, it is possible to reduce your income tax to 0%.*

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We have properties that are suitable to be purchased within a SMSF, giving you complete control of your super investments.

Easy Property Investment

We do all of the hard work for you: strategising, building the property & finding tenants.

Investment Strategies

We custom-design investment property strategies to your financial capabilities & goals.

Retire with Confidence

Imagine earning money while you’re retired! That’s what an Adelaide investment property can do for you.

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