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Wanting to build an Adelaide Property Portfolio?


Helping South Australian’s grow their investment portfolio and meeting their financial goals sooner is what we do best.

Property Asset Planning helps you enjoy a seamless, simple property investment process – from decision-making to selecting the right property, through to the ongoing management of the property.


How do we do this?


A proven 4-step property investment process to maximise rental returns and capitalise on tax benefits, entitled to every investment property owner.

We’ve helped new and seasoned investors significantly reduce their personal income tax and have positive cash flow properties.


Do you have Super and want Property in a Self Managed Super fund? (SMSF)


If so, Property Asset Planning have properties that can be purchased in a SMSF.

This can increase the value of your superannuation with Adelaide Property Investment.

Since this is an investment in your superannuation, every time your employer contributes, and the tenant pays the rent they are paying for your investment property!

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We have a proven track record


Property Asset Planning is built on client referrals, which we see as the greatest compliment a business can receive.

Exceeding client expectations is our goal, helping South Australian’s like YOU achieve your financial & retirement goals faster than you ever thought possible.

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Building Wealth

We source properties in locations with high-growth potential and tenant demand

Reducing Tax

With investment property strategies, it is possible to reduce your income tax to 0%*

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We have properties that are suitable to be purchased within a SMSF.

Property Investment

From decision-making, to selecting the right property, and finally through to the ongoing management of the property.

Investment Strategies

We custom-design investment property strategies to your financial capabilities & goals

Retire with Confidence

Imagine earning money while you’re retired! That’s what an Adelaide investment property can do for you

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Property Asset Planning CEO – Brian Chant

As CEO of Property Asset Planning, and with over 25 years industry experience, Brian Chant helps hard-working South Australians establish an Adelaide investment property portfolio. Brian’s ability to bring people closer to their financial goals is outstanding.

Brian says: “The current market has made it very lucrative for people who choose to invest in building new property. There’s a continued huge demand for rentals due to the shortfall. There is also enormous Government incentive for people to invest in new property”.

Don’t miss out. Make an obligation free appointment with Brian today.

How I started Investing

I was 29, working for one of Australia’s oldest building company and earning in excess of $100,000 a year but paying 50cents in the dollar in tax and hating it!

If I had continued doing this, it was clear that I wouldn’t have enough money to retire with. When I looked at how much income tax I was paying I used my knowledge and experience from working in the building/real estate industries along with a lot of research and saw there was a better way for me to secure a better financial future for myself and my family.

So I purchased my first property at 29 and received a significant tax deduction and thought I have to do this again!! And almost 20 years later, at 45, I own my own home, have multiple investment properties in Adelaide and have reduced my income tax to $0 over a 5 year period.

How did I do this? By using the ATO rule book which encourages everyone to reduce our taxable income as long as we are helping out the economy in the process. Investing in property enables you to do that.

I now have my own company, Property Asset Planning, that educates people about investing in property before they purchase. We work with you to find you the best property for what you can afford and provide you with detailed information acquired from my knowledge of the industry and my own experiences with investing in property.