What our Adelaide Property Investment Company can do for You.

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What our Adelaide Property Investment Company can do for You.

12 things you get when you engage with Property Asset Planning


More and more people are realising the value of having a professional working for them. While real estate agents and property investment companies represent the seller or developer, here at Property Asset Planning, we act on behalf of the purchaser/Property Investors. We use our expertise and experience with over 20 years of helping clients find the best investment property to meet their needs.

What can Property Asset Planning do that is difficult to do yourself?

Here are 12 Things that you only get with the help of Property Asset Planning:

  1. We take the time to listen to your goals, where you are at and what you want to achieve. We will then recommend the best plan of action to undertake your Adelaide Investment Property Strategy.
  2. Using our experience and industry knowledge, we provide you with a personalised and strategic strategies, tailored and aligned to your personal goals, while educating you along the way, to help you get ahead of the game.
  3. We will teach you how to use Other People’s Money to grow your wealth. Other People’s Money = Tax & Rent
  4. How to pay off your own home sooner
  5. How to purchase property in Self-Managed-Super-Funds (SMSF)
  6. Retire with Confidence. Imagine earning money while you’re retired! That’s what an Adelaide investment property can do for you
  7. All of the research and legwork to find a property are done for you, while you sit back, relax and focus on your other priorities, we report to you!
  8. We provide Full-Turn-Key fixed price investment Properties in Adelaide. No Surprises! No extra costs.
  9. We identity suburbs offering the greatest potential for capital growth, based on future planning and infrastructure, as we have local market knowledge that money can’t buy. We have access to properties that are “off market” as we work directly with builders and developers.
  10. Are you tired of paying too much income tax? In some cases, our clients end up paying 0% income tax. Wow… Imagine that!
  11. We have everything you need to build a lucrative Investment Property Portfolio in Adelaide under one roof. From our Property Specialist with over 25 years’ experience, to a Master Financial Planner for SMSF property, to a Financer with their own credit licence.
  12. Our property management department is dedicated to comprehensively manage your Adelaide investment properties by: Completing all inspections, ensuring legal compliance, Tenant selection, Arranging repairs & maintenance, Staying in contact with you, the landlord with all necessary updates and among other needed tasks, organise your cash flow with monthly direct deposits of your rental funds to your nominated bank account.



Let us help you with an Adelaide Property Investment Strategy that suits for your goals. Contact us to get started today email  info@propertyassetplanning.com.au or call (08) 8338 7206

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