Building Wealth

Every Adelaide investment property strategy is tailored to your exact current financial situation, as well as your investment and financial goals.


Making more money is never a bad thing – even better, what about a second-stream of income that makes money every single month on repeat, passively?

This is exactly what we’ve helped many South Australians achieve with investment properties.

We help you build real wealth by:

  • Creating a custom investment plan & strategy tailored to your financial & retirement goals.
  • Guiding you through the investment process, from purchasing your first property to managing it.

Do you want to build a multi-million-dollar property portfolio? We can help you.

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Reducing Tax

Are you tired of paying too much income tax?


Would you like to turn that tax into an income?


With our Adelaide property investment strategies, not only does property investing mean another major source of monthly income with cash flow positive investment properties. (rent paid to you by your tenants) it also means significantly reducing your income tax. We can also help you identify legitimate tax deductions that you may qualify for.

In some cases, this may mean 0% income tax.


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Easy Property Investment

Can property investing really be this easy?


The real estate market is traditionally a difficult space to enter as a ‘beginner’ investor… but it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks to our full ‘turn-key’ investment solution, we make the investment property journey as seamless and simple as possible.

We identify:

  • The best locations to invest in Adelaide,
  • Properties that have the highest rental demand (rent your house out as soon as it’s built!)
  • Investment properties with long-term capital growth.

Every investment property strategy is custom-made for each individual’s financial goals and capabilities.

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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Did you know you may be able to buy an Adelaide Investment Property with the money in your super fund?


On top of your employer’s 9.5% Super Guarantee contributions into your fund, your tenant will contribute rent payments.

This has many benefits, such as:

  • Allows you to have complete control of you superannuation (instead of leaving it up to others to make investments on your behalf)
  • Take advantage of significant tax benefits (this allows you to grow your super)
  • Your SMSF may  be able to qualify to borrow money for an investment property


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What are the benefits of purchasing an investment property in my Super?


How much Super do I need to have to start an SMSF?


Is an SMSF right for me?


Can I get a loan inside a SMSF?


If I purchase a property in my SMSF, who pays for the loan?


Can I rent the property from my SMSF?


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